A twist on the Goldilocks fairy tale from the bears' point-of-view. Gorgeously illustrated in vivid colour, The Three Bears and Goldilocks allows you to become the storyteller, as it's wordless, with familiar elements to help you along and surprises too!
Bee made this as her nephew's first book. It was designed with lots of bold shapes, textures and colours to appeal to young children. The well known fairy tale has new details and an alternative ending to keep all readers entertained. Being wordless, the book allows for endless fun and innovative storytelling. It has the added benefit of being in all languages.
"This book is top level cartoon panelling and legitimately hilarious."  
— Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal 
"An entertaining lap read for younger readers, the wordless story providing an opportunity for child readers to speculate on the events of the story... while enjoying the ridiculous escapades of a familiar little burglar finally given her just desserts. Recommended." — CM Reviews
"Ah goo. Ah goo."  — Jack, nephew
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