A graphic retelling of the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" in which a friendly woman lovingly decorates her candy home and two inconsiderate, greedy children take advantage of her kindness.
When Gretel and Hansel carelessly abandon their wood-gathering chores and follow a fox deeper into the woods, they come across a delicious-looking house, the home of a friendly witch. Hungry after thoughtlessly feeding their picnic lunch to the wildlife, the two children start to devour the candy shingles, shutters and walls until the house begins to crack and crumble. Despite her initial shock, the witch is caring to the strangers and invites them in. But when they overstep the boundaries of her hospitality and start eating everything inside as well, it’s time for Gretel and Hansel to get their just desserts!
Told without words, readers of all ages will delight in this colourful and playful fractured fairy tale.

"Another wry romp in the author/illustrator's alternative fairyland, where justice is served to recalcitrant half-pints."  
— Kirkus Book Reviews (full review here
Illustrated by Bee Waeland
Published by Orca Book Publishers, May 16, 2023

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